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From truffles to taffy, we package them all!

If you are in the market for a leading manufacturer of stock packaging and/or custom-printed packaging (especially custom-printed candy packaging), you've just found the best of the best. 

MOD-PAC is a pioneer in the creation of stock folding cartons for the confectionery industry. We are a manufacturer of two-piece boxes for chocolate assortments, one-piece boxes for fudge, favor boxes, and gift boxes. You can also count on us to meet all of your accessory needs including plastic trays, candy pads, layer boards, and stretch loops.

MOD-PAC also offers a wide variety of paper shopping bags, frosted shopping bags, soft bottom bags, satin ribbon, candy bar wrappers, and gift and party tags. Now enters our unique evolution of packaging process that grows with your business. Most items can be personalized with any of our Standard Type Styles and Designs or custom printed using your logos. Print as few as 50 pieces or as many as you need! When it comes to quality and customer service, we are second to none! 

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Why is MOD-PAC the perfect packaging partner for your business?

MOD-PAC serves a wide variety of market segments. With our broad knowledge and experience we are

able to adhere to your industry’s specific requirements. Your brand consistency and product image are

first and foremost to us.

Custom Paperboard Packaging

We are your custom packaging partner! Since 1881, MOD-PAC has been a leader in the paperboard packaging industry, delivering unbeatable customer service and quality packaging solutions to hundreds of customers around the world.

Stock Packaging

MOD-PAC Stock Packaging prides itself on being able to offer one-stop shopping to all customers. Due to our broad line of stock packaging and the ability to create custom packaging, we are able to service any order size.

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