MOD-PAC offers a wide variety of folding and gluing equipment to accommodate all carton projects, from the least complicated design to the most complex. Previously die-cut cartons move on to the finishing department where they are identified and organized with a barcode system to prevent the improper mixing of cartons. In-line readers continually scan all jobs and automatically shut down the production line if mixed copy is detected. Regardless of the job specifications or equipment selected to complete your project, each and every run is carefully monitored and inspected by our quality team for proper glue adhesion.

Fugitive glue and cello window application are also some of the many finishing services we offer at MOD-PAC. We carry a wide variety of window film types and calipers to meet your specific requirements. Our finishing department can also provide you with in-line security tagging, which is becoming increasingly important in many retail markets. Once projects are completed, they are then marked with identification labels directly at the gluing line and move promptly to our shipping department to be sent to you, our customer. Please take a moment to view our video.


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Custom Paperboard Packaging

We are your custom packaging partner! Since 1881, MOD-PAC has been a leader in the paperboard packaging industry, delivering unbeatable customer service and quality packaging solutions to hundreds of customers around the world.

Stock Packaging

MOD-PAC Stock Packaging prides itself on being able to offer one-stop shopping to all customers. Due to our broad line of stock packaging and the ability to create custom packaging, we are able to service any order size.

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