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Stock Packaging

We are the stock packaging partner you are looking for!

MOD-PAC Stock Packaging prides itself on being able to offer one-stop shopping to all customers, small and large.


Because of our broad line of stock folding cartons and the ability to create custom packaging, we are able to service order sizes from 50 to 1,000,000 pieces. Couple those manufacturing capabilities with an extensive line of accessories and a knowledgeable, creative customer service team, and the sky is your limit. MOD-PAC's specialty is our ability to meet your needs as your business grows and changes.

By selecting a signature color or construction is the first step towards creating an identity for your business. Most items are available in an array of colors and seasonal patterns. When you are ready to move towards personalizing your packaging, MOD-PAC is there to print as few as 50 pieces! If you're not ready to commit to a specific logo and make a custom plate, you can choose from our Standard Typestyles and Designs to have your packaging hot stamped for a nominal set-up charge.


Through MOD-PAC's Full Case hot stamping and imprinting department, you can truly coordinate all of your packaging. Be sure to include net weights and ingredient copies along with your logo - never use a label again!  If you are interested in more information, call 800.666.3722 or click the "Contact Stock Packaging" button on the right and complete the form.

Our "no charge, try before you buy" sample program ensures that you are getting the right packaging for your products the first time you order. Our helpful and informative Customer Service Team can help you find the products you need. Call 800.666.3722 or click the "Request A Product Sample" button on the right and complete the form. 

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Why is MOD-PAC the perfect packaging partner for your business?

MOD-PAC serves a wide variety of market segments. With our broad knowledge and experience we are

able to adhere to your industry’s specific requirements. Your brand consistency and product image are

first and foremost to us.

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