From branded to private label products, MOD-PAC is your one source for high quality custom packaging for

consumer product manufacturers worldwide and stock packaging for the retail confectionery industry.

We are unique in our capability to deliver short-run, on-demand products at desired quantities.


MOD-PAC CORP. is a high value-added on-demand print services firm providing products and services in two categories - folding cartons and personalized print services. Across the folding carton and personalized print lines we offer.....

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We care about our environment. With an ever growing awareness of how industry impacts our environment, MOD-PAC is pleased to announce our achievement of certification to SFI® and FSC® standards. In addition to traditional recycling programs,

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MOD-PAC has been a one stop shop for all our Graphic and Engineering needs. They were able to save us a considerable amount of resources at our start-up with their ability to build our artwork in house. They took the time to work with us and....... 

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