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MOD-PAC’s High Training Standards

Training is crucial to the safety and success of our employees. It’s also one of the reasons we’re able to deliver high quality products to our customers.  We’re proud of the emphasis and effort we put into all of our training programs which start on day one of employment and continues throughout your tenure.

Our on-boarding is comprised of in-depth training sessions including details on our “Who’s responsible for Safety? I am” program and our quality assurance protocol.

Team Work

Great training requires exceptional teamwork. The MOD-PAC promote from within philosophy creates a cultures that embraces and rewards training your peers for the good of the team.


Helping others, not only live the American dream, but thrive and make important contributions to our communities is a critical component to the MOD-PAC way of thinking. All employees are eligible to receive free in-house English as a Second Language (ESL) classes taught on site at MOD-PAC.