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Unpack Your Potential

You don’t need experience in manufacturing or the packaging industry to find your place at MOD-PAC. Our hiring philosophy is simple—build a team of strong-minded, hardworking Western New Yorkers who are ready to take advantage of opportunities. If you check off those boxes, we’d love to hear from you and help you build a career.

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MODPAC Careers - Careers

Supporting Your Growth

Great talent and training foster even better business. If you want to advance your career, you’ve come to the right place. We offer an all-inclusive, supportive culture and in-depth training from day one and are passionate about promoting from within. After all, many of our strongest leaders once performed the same duties they now manage.

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Now in our third century of packaging, we have grown to more than 300 amazing associates working in our 500,000-square-foot facility. When you work here, your work is essential. What we do is important to everyday living. And seeing our hard work make it to store shelves across the country is certainly a great source of MOD-PAC pride for all of us.

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Supportive Culture

We value our employees and the contributions they bring to the table. Their success is our success. Our culture is the result of encouraging our peers to learn and grow, creating a work environment that welcomes individuals with a disability, provides opportunities for immigrants, and celebrates our victories together as a team.

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Shut-downs? Layoffs? These are terms not used at MOD-PAC. When you work here you and your work are essential.

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Training at MOD-PAC

If you’re eager to advance your career you are not alone. The MOD-PAC way includes an all-inclusive supportive culture and in-depth training from day one. The better you’re trained, the better you perform, and the more opportunities you have for advancement.

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ESL Classes

Inclusion and diversity are core MOD-PAC tenants. Many of our employees are refugees and immigrants that came to Buffalo to seek a better life for their families. We want to see these members of our team thrive, so we’re proud to offer free on-site English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.

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Arc of Erie County New York

As an equal opportunity employer, MOD-PAC understands and embraces the chance to extend opportunities to everyone. We’re pleased to partner with Arc of Erie County New York, a local organization that works hard to help find vocation for people with disabilities, including right here at MOD-PAC.

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Advanced Technology

At MOD-PAC, we prioritize innovation. We believe it’s critically important to embrace and utilize the most advanced technologies available to our industry. That’s how we raise the bar and our customer’s expectations. Between 2017 and 2021, we invested more than $30 million in machine technologies and building upgrades.

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Company Picnic

Our employees work hard for us and deserve a special day of recognition. Each year, we celebrate our employees and their families. We bring everyone together to enjoy a day of fun at The Kevin T. Keane Sports Park located on our campus. Redeveloped in recent years, it’s the perfect place to host our picnic.

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MOD-PAC Spotlight

Many of the MOD-PAC associates have similar stories: starting at MOD-PAC because they wanted a job, only to realize MOD-PAC is a great place for a career.

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