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Custom Confectionary Boxes

You can expect our custom candy and chocolate packaging to be just as sweet as the products you plan to put inside them. From truffles and taffy to candy apples and all other types of sweet treats, we understand the importance of having high-quality, eye-catching packaging. That’s why MOD-PAC goes to the next level to design and create candy boxes and chocolate packaging that truly elevate your products.

Confectionary - Confectionary
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Keeping Your Products Sweet

Packaging sets the stage for a great first impression. It needs to be structurally sound while having a unique appearance that speaks to your brand and protects your product. Our confectionary boxes use special ink formulations. We also utilize low-odor inks to minimize odor migration into your products. That way, you won’t have to worry about your customers smelling anything other than the sweet surprise inside.

We also offer stock boxes designed specifically for candy and chocolate.

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Looking to create customized candy boxes? We have an unlimited assortment of size, box, and folding carton options ready for you to explore and make your own. We have a full team of highly experienced designers, associates, and customer service representatives ready to get to work. With MOD-PAC, you can always expect high-quality service, support, and solutions from start to finish.

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