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Custom Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Packaging & Boxes

Among pharma packaging companies, MOD-PAC delivers!

When it comes to custom pharmaceutical / nutraceutical packaging, we understand the regulations and the science it takes to make your product stand out. That's why among pharma packaging companies, MOD-PAC delivers! We deliver on quality, on design, on time, and on demand.

At MOD-PAC our nutraceutical and pharmaceutical packaging boxes are created in a tightly regulated and extremely clean facility. We employ a bar coding system to ensure copy accuracy and product management. Attention to detail and ISO standards are the cornerstone of creating folding cartons. MOD-PAC is the perfect partner for custom vitamin packaging, as well as custom folding cartons for OTC (over the counter) products, and sports and nutrition products.

Interested in learning more about our endless assortment of custom pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging boxes and cartons? Call 800.666.3722 or click the "Contact Custom Packaging" button on the right and complete the form.

Custom Paperboard Packaging

We are your custom packaging partner! Since 1881, MOD-PAC has been a leader in the paperboard packaging industry, delivering unbeatable customer service and quality packaging solutions to hundreds of customers around the world.

Stock Packaging

MOD-PAC Stock Packaging prides itself on being able to offer one-stop shopping to all customers. Due to our broad line of stock packaging and the ability to create custom packaging, we are able to service any order size.

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