At MOD-PAC, careful attention to detail from the beginning of every project contributes to the successful completion of your carton. Our graphic technicians work with the most current professional software packages such as Adobe Creative Suite and other equipment to produce your projects with precision and accuracy. Every piece of artwork we process flows through a system of careful review processes and are assigned specific project numbers to ensure correct copy each and every time. We also maintain a large format proofing system that is carefully calibrated to our printing presses to ensure that color consistency is maintained from start to finish.

Our structural design department is the starting point for virtually all phases of the printing and finishing process. Carton structures can be duplicated from existing customer packaging or developed as a custom fit to your product. Your carton is designed and produced through a carefully regulated state-of-the-art CAD system. This same quality approved file is then used for each and every stage of the production process to ensure absolute consistency from beginning to end. Please take a moment to view our video.

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