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Testimonials from Stock Packaging Customers

Thank you for the amazing service you provide! My MOD-PAC packaging really helps to move my product fast! Everyone loves it as it appeals to both my corporate clients as well as my everyday, neighborhood foot traffic.
The Caramel House

MOD-PAC has been there for us since day one of our business. They are problem-solvers who literally "think outside the box". Friendly, helpful staff takes care of you as if you were family. It's the kind of personalized service that a small business like ours dreams of. Our personal miracle worker is Tracey LoVerde. She always takes the time to listen to our concerns. She is also a champion at making things happen promptly. We couldn't be happier with MOD-PAC and their hands-on, professional service.
Old Louisville Candy Company

Gandolf's Fine Chocolate has been working with Mod-Pac for more than a decade. Their boxes are great, prices are competitive and the service is outstanding. We couldn't do what we do without them. Keep up the great work.
Gandolf's Fine Chocolate

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the products and service provided by your company and especially with your customer service representative, Shannon. Your service from start to finish has been exemplary with knowledgeable, professional, customer service representatives, excellent products and quality! Shannon always seems happy to help when I call or email her with my questions. My business is small, but growing quickly, and when I place orders with your company, you make me feel like my small orders are just as important as the large ones that you get. Keep up the great job and continue to set the high standards that others try to follow!
Vanilla Bean Bakery

We have been doing business with Mod-Pac for over 40 years! They offer quick turnaround on printed boxes and unprinted boxes normally ship the same day. The art department is skilled and staffed with helpful people. The customer service department is top notch. All in all, Mod-Pac is a great supplier of stock and custom printed boxes, offering reasonably priced packaging and great service!.
Calico Cottage, Inc.

We’ve been customers of Mod-Pac’s for many years and we have nothing but great feedback to pass on. We order large quantities of boxes quite frequently and when we call the order in, it ships that same day. The product is made of high quality material and it has remained consistent over the years. Mod-Pac is a company we can count on to provide just what we’re looking for and with their excellent customer service, they make it easy.
Birnn Chocolates of Vermont, Inc.

I wish all my suppliers were as big an asset to me as MOD-PAC. Their sales/customer service driven attitude is top notch. This along with their efficiency and quality of their products makes our jobs easier and allows us to spend more time focusing on serving our existing customers and finding new ones.
JA Packaging Corp.

I often brag about MOD-PAC’s selection, quality of products, and services offered. I’m not the only one who brags about your company either – you have a generous crowd following!
Awesome Chocolates

Winfreys has been doing business with Mod-Pac for more than 25 years. Our business relationship has always been Great. The women who answer the phones and take orders are prompt and efficient. Our packaging is as important to our business as our raw ingredients. We use only the finest ingredients that can be found and that includes our packaging! In addition to the quick turn-around of our orders and quality packaging I know I will receive a gracious welcome, thoughtful service and friendly interaction!
Winfrey’s Fudge

Ordering from MOD-PAC is easy, fast, and efficient! Not only is there ease in finding the products quickly, but if I have any questions, the level of customer service is excellent! Shannon was a great help when I needed assistance and did what it took to get the job done! I greatly appreciate working with a company who has such great service! It is something that isn't found often, especially when ordering from an "online company". I'm excited to find a company that has quality product; ships quickly; and stands behind their products! Keep up the great work! You will continue to stand out among the rest!
Wilsey's Handmade Sweets

Testimonials from Custom Packaging Customers

We’ve been a customer of Mod-Pac’s for years now with nothing but positive things to say. The short lead times Mod-Pac offers has allowed us to reduce inventory along with allowing us to react quicker to urgent customer needs. If I have an immediate need on a custom job I can typically have a Mod-Pac representative at my facility the same day and a sample in my hands in less than 48 hours. Throw all this in with a top of the line customer service and sales staff and you have a supplier you can count on.
Safetec of America, Inc.

We were searching for a new supplier to take over the printing of a small retail box, with hopes that we could find a company that was as dedicated to quality and responsive customer service as we are. We also like to work with companies in our region, Upstate NY. Mod-Pac offers excellent customer service, expertise in printing technology, competitive pricing, attention to detail and fast order turnaround. Selecting Mod-Pac as our supplier has been a “homerun” on every count.
G-S Supplies Inc.

Seasonal and Holiday items can be very complex to produce in the confectionary industry. Mod Pac is able to directly coordinate run quantities and delivery dates with our co-manufacturers based on production scheduling. This helps us to minimize over/under runs based on last minute holiday demands with our customers.
The Hershey Company

Our previous carton vendor used to run a 6 month quantity and warehouse them for us, letting us coordinate a release quantity with them. This caused for the cartons to be stiff and rigid from sitting and would cause frequent machine jams. With Mod Pac we run to exact production quantity and receive fresh cartons that run well every time.
Tom's of Maine, Inc.

Working with Mod Pac has allowed us to cut substantial obsolescence loss by running smaller quantities. We were once forced to buy large unwanted quantities and warehouse them to justify a price point. They have also provided us the flexibility to break into new smaller markets that may have previously been cost prohibitive. In Food Manufacturing, government regulations and customer branding requires frequent copy changes. Working with Mod Pac has allowed us to mix and match various quantities of SKU’s of one structure on the same order. It gives us the ability to run only what we need and minimize obsolescence due to copy changes or regulatory ingredient changes.
Gilster-Mary Lee

Mod-Pac is a company I’m always happy to have in my corner. They understand the challenges of our business and adapt to help us meet goals. The finished product is always something you can be proud of!
In-Room Plus, Inc.

MOD-PAC has been a one stop shop for all our Graphic and Engineering needs. They were able to save us a considerable amount of resources at our start-up with their ability to build our artwork in house. They took the time to work with us and understood the regulatory and compliance needs of our industry and helped to build our brand.
Six Nations Manufacturing

Mod-Pac has been a supplier of final packaging to us for many years. Quick turn around on all orders allows reduction in floor stock at our facility. Customer service is excellent. We enjoy working with the Mod-Pac team.

Working with MOD-PAC on seasonal items for our customers, helps us to keep inventory at a manageable level. Their quick response time allows for ordering only what we need for production, keeping additional inventory off of our floor. Their staff has a comprehensive knowledge of our needs which also greatly benefits our production processes.
Niagara Chocolates, Inc.

MOD-PAC has been an innovative partner in our business. Their application of the Lean Principals has allowed us to establish an order process focused less on individual run size and more on current needs. This focus has assisted us in reducing our inventory and risk of obsolescence. They work closely with our marketing and operations people to support the aggressive launch cycles our business requires. 
Lornamead, Inc.


Incredible coordination effort – MOD-PAC's graphics department helped edit our art files which required minor last-minute changes after submission.  They have a friendly and helpful team. Delivers on time as promised. A great customer experience, period!
Reserveage Organics

MOD-PAC has been a great fit for Tower Labs. We produce close to 200 SKUs and MOD-PAC made the transition of our work smooth and seamless. Our carton order quantities vary greatly ranging from high to low volume runs. We are not forced into running combo runs to get the best price. MOD-PAC prices each “structure family”, regardless of SKU individual volume, which simplifies everything.  In a nutshell the MOD-PAC production approach delivers quick turnaround time for short run quantities at large volume pricing.
Tower Laboratories Ltd.


Our Senior Sales Coordinator was searching for a secondary supplier for one of our major accounts which led us to find MOD-PAC. We were very fortunate because they came through with excellent pricing, quick turnaround times, unlimited customer support and superior product knowledge. Because of this they quickly became our primary supplier.  The amount of time they put into our account each and every day makes them a trusted partner to Gadge USA. We look forward to many years and many opportunities with MOD-PAC.
Gadge USA, Inc.

The Mentholatum Company has been purchasing cartons from MOD-PAC for over 25 years. In that time business has steadily grown, which can be a difficult thing to react to. MOD-PAC does not hesitate to respond quickly to our RUSH orders and is able to accommodate our ever changing customer demands and conditions. Hats off to MOD-PAC and its excellent customer service efforts.
The Mentholatum Company, Inc.

Customer Testimonials

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