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Consumers treat packaging as more than just an outer shell protecting the products they purchase. Packaging is one of the factors taken into consideration when choosing which products to buy and which to leave on shelves. In fact, studies have shown that 72% of Americans believe packaging design in particular influences their buying decisions. With that in mind, investing in custom, branded packaging is more important than ever to build brand value and foster long-term relationships with customers in competitive industries.

Deliver a Positive First Impression

Packaging is often the first point of contact between the product and the consumer. With so many different options available, your product needs to stand out. Attractive, well-designed product packaging and branding are key to capturing potential customers’ attention on store shelves and e-commerce platforms.

Create Quality Perceptions

Appealing packaging isn’t just effective for winning over customer interest. Good product packaging and branding convey quality. The care and attention brands put into packaging indicates that the same effort went into the end product. With 51% of consumers valuing product quality over price, leveraging packaging to communicate the excellence of your product goes a long way with shoppers.

Build a Recognizable Brand Identity

Brand identity is comprised of visual elements and unique values. Using consistent color palettes, logos, and other graphic components leaves a mark on consumers. They’ll come to recognize your distinctive brand amongst other competitor products on shelves, remember what your brand stands for, and keep those factors in mind when deciding what products they want to purchase.

Emphasize User Experience

Creating practical, user-friendly product packaging is a key consideration for improving customer satisfaction. While consumers might not be necessarily looking for products that are easy to open, can be resealed, or provide clear instructions, they will remember if a product’s packaging didn’t meet their expectations. If customers have to toss out a product that spoiled prematurely or struggled to access contents, they may opt for a competitor’s brand the next time they make a purchase.

Use Desired Materials

Surveys have shown that 67% of Americans are influenced to buy a product in part by the materials used to make its packaging. While some products must meet regulated quality standards, it’s important to select packaging materials that fulfill these requirements and strike a chord with consumers. For instance, 71% of consumers in one survey said they were more likely to buy from brands that use paper or cardboard packaging. So, using branded boxes or folding cartons could help carry favor with your desired customers.