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Competition is notoriously fierce in today’s consumer marketplace. From food to cosmetics to pharmaceuticals, countless products line shelves, trying to win over shoppers. That’s why good packaging is so important; consumers often judge a product by its cover. Unique custom folding cartons and attractive designs create intrigue around a product. But what exactly does “custom” mean in the world of packaging and how can it elevate your brand or product’s appeal?

What Does Custom Mean In Folding Cartons?

Custom printed boxes are packaging specifically designed for a brand’s product. Every packaging element has been meticulously selected and customized to protect and market an item. There are three main components to creating custom folding boxes: size and dimension, material selection, and printing and graphics.

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Size and Dimension

Folding cartons come in a wide range of stock sizes that meet most product requirements. However, if your product doesn’t fit into these metrics, custom packaging allows you to create packaging tailored to your product’s size and dimension needs for a snug fit.

Material Selection

Depending on what materials a packaging manufacturer works with, custom packaging enables you to choose any material and any shape you want that material in. At MOD-PAC, our expertise is in paperboard folding cartons which are one of the most commonly used materials across industries like food and food service, medical devices, health and beauty, and pharmaceuticals. Customizing paperboard boxes involves choosing the type of paperboard as well as the folding style.

Printing and Graphics

High-quality printing and graphics is one of the most important parts of any custom packaging job. Branding elements like logos, color schemes, illustrations, photographs, and typography are used to personalize each custom product box. Additional components like embossing, debossing, varnishes, and laminates may also be available to add further visual appeal and texture to custom packaging.

Benefits of Custom Folding Cartons

All custom packaging serves as an extension of a brand, which reinforces brand image and recognition with customers. It also heightens shelf appeal, especially with target audiences whose interests and needs are reflected in the packaging design. Custom folding cartons also come with some unique benefits other materials don’t offer. The entire paperboard surface can be used for print details, meaning more space to entice customers with thoughtfully crafted messages and carefully considered design elements. Paperboard is also a sustainable material. As more customers seek out sustainable products and packaging options, choosing custom paperboard folding cartons may prompt green-minded consumers to select your product over an unsustainably packaged alternative.

How Manufacturers Customize Folding Cartons

Packaging manufacturers like MOD-PAC bring expertise to any packaging requirements, including especially custom needs. By working with a packaging manufacturer, you’ll have a trusted partner to collaborate with and answer questions about design concepts, packaging specifications, budgets, and unit quantities. Manufacturers also rely on the latest printing technologies like offset printing to deliver high-quality, consistent results across your full order.